March 13, 2009

Muddled meandrings

Did you ever start off feeling and thinking a certain way only to have it all blown to shit over the course of the day?
My day.
In a nut(case)shell.

I had another post in my head, but as is the case with me of late, i'm just not feeling it.
In fact, I'm just not feeling much of anything at the moment.
Not true.
I AM feeling things.
Just not what I want to.

I'm questioning, thinking, analyzing.
Reading too much into things,
maybe not enough into others.

I know we're supposed to question, but should we question every aspect of our lives?
Must we continually examine the emotions that swim unconstrained in our heads?
Can't I just accept what is and embrace it?
Can any of us?
Why the questions?
Why the doubt?
Is it self-preservation?
Or denial?

I'm not sure.
I knew earlier ..... but not so much now.
Maybe clarity will come again.
Maybe not.


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