March 4, 2009

She said WHAT??!!

Have you ever known someone who just blurts out whatever thought just happens to be crossing
through the grey matter at that moment?
Oh yeah ...
That's not me.
No no .... my problem is either much worse, or not as bad .... I can't decide.
I have a broken internal mute button.
Uh huh .....
Sometimes it works ... but mostly? Not so much.
Don't ever ask me for an honest answer/opinion if what you REALLY want is validation.
Chances are, you'll not get it here.
I won't dance around your feelings either.
I'll make it simple enough for a five year old to grasp.
Does that make me a bitch?
Depends on who you ask.
I think it makes me real.
But .... others, MANY others have called me bitch, selfish, cruel, ruthless, tactless and cunt.
I can't deny being any of those .... but then, I don't know many who could.

So, where I don't just spew whatever is on my brain at THAT moment,
I DO tend to NOT use the mute button for so many other things.
It's caused some havoc in my world .... but I stand by it.
However, if i'm wrong, then I'm wrong.
I apologize and do what I can to make it up.

Do you have any problems with YOUR internal mute button????


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