February 11, 2009

Getting laid .....

Yes ..... IT has happened.

Y'all have NO IDEA how long it's been, and what i've had to go through.
I was wondering if it was ever going to happen.
But it has ....

It's a fucking miracle!

All I can say is:





I'm all aflutter just thinking about it again!

I was a bad girl too ..... I took half naked pictures!
Wanna see?
Of course you do!
Shhh ...... don't say anything ... it'll be our little secret.



Isn't IT magnificent??????
I haven't even told y'all the best part!
Come here .... closer ..... IT'S HEATED!
Yes, you heard me ... a heated slate floor for my swanky new bathroom.
I so cannot WAIT to roll around naked on it!
Oh, you bet your sweet ass I will too!
It just doesn't get much better.
Ok, maybe a manslave to wash me head to toe ... but Home Depot doesn't exactly sell those.
Yes, I'm sure I could find a "substitute", but it wouldn't really fit in my decor.

I am confident now that my bathroom WILL be done by March.
Then I can move 'da Boys back into their bedroom by April,
and THEN I can put up the new 48" flat screen that's been sitting in the middle of
my livingroom since November!
Please ..... don't ask.
I have a million projects going and still to do and only so much room to move shit.
Flooding basements don't help.
It's all a process people .... and I have a vision.
Just don't ask me about it.

*sidenote: Is it wrong that a tile floor being laid got me all hot?! Don't answer that ...


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