February 5, 2009

A little bit of this ....

.... and a whole lot of nothing.
That's what's been happening inmy corner of the world.
Well, except for the water main break the other day.
Right in front of my house too.
In Buffalo .... in February.
Can you say instant skating rink?
Oh, and the fact that said water was in my basement too?

Did I mention that I'm remodeling the upstairs bathroom?
Ok, i'm not personally remodeling it .... but with as fast as these guys are going,
I may have been better off doing it myself!
This project was started in the beginning of Jan, and it's not done yet.
I do finally have tiles on my wall though!
What a fuster cluck that was!
Still is ....
I'll post pictures when it's done.
Whenever that may be ....

Other than that, it's been relatively quiet.
I must say, that makes me happy.
The boys are healthy, safe and thriving.
I am too.
I am finding my way, my bliss if you will, and god does it feel good!


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