February 1, 2009


He was awakened by the soft, gentle stroke of her hand on his cock. As he rolled over to look at her, she kissed him softly. With a devilish smile she looked into his eyes and whispered, “my turn”. He tried to pull her into his arms, but she had already slid down his body and rested her head on his thigh. Her hand was still caressing his cock with a feather like touch. As she took in the beauty of him, she felt a tingling in her pussy and she tightened her grip on him and stroked him harder. She wanted to see his cock at full attention. With her other hand she reached under his ass and began to massage and knead his balls. She could feel him getting harder with every stroke. That’s all the incentive Tara needed. She sat up, moved in between his legs and really got to work on him.
She paused for a moment to look at him, fully erect now, he was a very thick 8 inches. Her lips curled into a smile and she thought to herself, perfect.
As she was lowering her mouth to capture the tip, he looked down at her and said, “You won’t be there long, I have other plans for you.” Tara looked up at him, smiled and then swirled her tongue around the tip of his cock very slowly, and ever so softly. She never once took her eyes off him and she giggled as his expression changed from amusement to desire. She continued to barely lick the tip of his cock when a small trail of pre-cum oozed out and slid down. She wanted to lap it up, but she didn’t. Instead, she brought her hand up and used it as lubrication and started to twirl her hand around the tip. Stopping every now and then to rub the sweet spot under the head with her thumb. She continued down his shaft with her lips and tongue barely touching him while one hand twirled the tip and the other gently massaged and rolled his balls. When she got to the base of his cock, she engulfed one his balls into her mouth and gently licked and sucked. She took the second ball into her mouth and used her tongue and lips to lick, suck and caress. She heard him moan and it caused her pussy to twinge more. She could feel herself getting wetter and wetter the more she teased him. She stopped twirling the head of his cock and grabbed the shaft firmly and started stroking him from base to tip while she bathed his balls in her hot mouth. Tara could feel him throbbing in her hand and knew it was time. She released his balls from her mouth, sat up, and while still stroking him, licked her lips and then hungrily took his cock into her mouth. She took in the full length of him till she felt the tip ticking the back of her throat. With her hand kneading his balls, she licked and sucked his cock up and down, from base to tip, her mouth never leaving him. With her other hand she began to follow along his shaft where her mouth had been so that if her tongue and lips weren’t there, her hand was. He twisted his hands into her hair and tried to pull her up onto him, but she wouldn’t release him from her mouth. She moved her mouth, lips, tongue and hands into a faster rhythm that she knew would send him over the edge. Faster she bobbed up and down on him, squeezing his cock with her lips tight. She felt his balls tighten and knew he would be unleashing his sweet cum anytime.
She felt the first shot of his hot juice and she plunged his cock into the back of her throat and let his sweetness flow down into her while still squeezing his balls. After he released all his cum, he tried to pull her up to him, but she still wouldn’t release his cock. She gripped him tighter in her hand and began to once again fuck him with her mouth. Her lips tightened even more on him and soon his cock was hard again. This time she used both hands on his cock along with her mouth and began a rhythm that she knew was driving him over the edge as his legs started to shake. She continued to assault his cock, faster and faster. Her hands, mouth, lips and tongue were working in unison to bring him to another orgasm. He tried to pull her onto him several times, but she wouldn’t budge, even though her own juices were flowing down her leg. Soon she felt his cock tighten in her hand and once again her mouth was filled with his sweet, sticky cum. She heard him let out a loud scream and his body started to spasm out of control. The sound and feel of him caused her clit to twinge as she herself had a small orgasm.
She slowed herself down and gently milked all the juice out of him. As he lay there spent and trying to regain his breath, she lay her head on his belly, wrapped her arms around his ass and let her hair fan out over his chest. He wanted to pull her up to him, but he was too spent. There was always later, he thought to himself, and then fell into a deep sleep.


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