February 25, 2009

I feel like Springtime ....

And no .... it has NOTHING to do with Summers Eve.

I was going through my closet tonight to clean out some of the crap I have that I no longer wear and guess what I found out?

C'mon ..... guess.

Most of my spring/summer clothes no longer fit me.
No .... not that way ....
They're practically .... ok, literally falling off of me!
I put on a pair of capris ... and I pulled them up without undoing the snap and zipper.
WOW .....

My clothes are like waaaaaaaay too big on me now!
I know I should be thrilled .... and I am.
Butt .... now WTF am I supposed to wear??????????
Now, before y'all get your collective panties all bunched up .... I KNOW that i'm
bitching about my clothes being TOO big.
It's my blog .... fuck off.
Oh, and I mean that in the sweetest, and most sincere way.

The never ending joke that IS my life ......
I finally lose some weight and have no clothes to wear.

Think anyone would mind if I walked around nude?

Fuck me gently with a chainsaw ....


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