February 27, 2009

The Culmination

Happy Friday y'all!
I know you've been very patient waiting for Part 3 .... and well, it's FINALLY
finished. It took me a bit as I had a lot going on, but as promised, I DID write
the finale in the series.

Thanks for being patient.
And yes Paul, I know I still owe you the Orgy story.
It's coming .... well, in a manner of speaking.

I hope y'all enjoy and have a great weekend.
We have snow on the way ..... fanfuckingtastic!

As he struggled to open his eyes, he was acutely aware of pressure on his abdomen and bladder. He peered down and saw Tara lying almost in the same spot from a few hours earlier. He smiled at how beautiful she looked with his cock resting up against her face, her hair still all splayed out on his chest, and the faint smile that was tugging at her luscious lips. He stroked her hair and closed his eyes and thought about the events of the past almost 24 hours. They had both had body wracking, mind altering orgasms. But it still wasn’t enough. They had slaked part of their desire and passion, and had given in to brazen lust, but now he wanted to feel her ….. ALL OF HER. He had tasted the fire within and he wanted, no needed, more. He had to touch it, feel it, be consumed by it.
Just about that time he looked down to see Tara starting to move as his cock was bouncing off her cheek.. He reached down to caress her face and she lifted her head up off him enough to see him fully erect and waiting for her. She licked her lips as she looked at him and smiled. She started to move her head down to take him in her mouth and the next thing she knew he grabbed her, flipped her over and pinned her underneath him. She heard him laugh and say, “not this time”.
Before she could say anything else, he covered her mouth with his and began to hungrily explore her warm inviting mouth. As the kiss became deeper, his hands began to gently explore her body. Gone was the urgency from the previous night, this time he was in no hurry. He ran his hands down the length of her back , stopping at her ass to give it a gentle squeeze and rub. He slid his hands up the sides of her body and teasingly rubbed her tits and tweaked her nipples along the way. Tara sucked in her breath at that slight touch before she relaxed into his arms and let her hands move down his chest. She found his nipples and took one in between her thumb and forefinger and gave it a slight pinch. She heard him growl low under his breath and she reached over and did the same to the other one. After playing with his nipples for a few minutes, Tara raked her nails down the side of his body, over his ass and up over his back before she wound her hands into his thick mane of hair.
He moved from her lips to the hollow of her neck leaving a trail of kisses and nibbles along the way. They were like a hot brand on her flesh. As he continued moving down her supple body, he cupped both of her tits and kneaded them while making little circles on her nipples with his thumbs. He heard her breath quicken and a few little gasps escape from her lips as he engulfed a nipple in his warm mouth. He tenderly swirled his tongue over the hard nub and lovingly nibbled on the flesh around it. He moved his head to take in the other nipple and Tara arched her back up in approval. As he nibbled and sucked on her nipples, he eased himself in between her legs. He could feel the heat and the wetness that had already started there. He took a deep breath and drank in the scent of her passion. Sweet and musky. Oh how he loved the smell of her! He continued moving down her body leaving a trail of hot, wet kisses along the way. As he neared her pussy, he took in another deep breath. He made his way down her legs till he was kissing and licking the softness of her inner thighs. He heard her moan and felt her move her hips in anticipation. He made his way to the soft spot where her ass meets her thighs leaving feather kisses along the way. Tara moaned louder and really started to gyrate onto his face. He grabbed her hips and held her down gently. He lifted his head for a moment and saw the soft hair that covered her pussy lips and clit glistening from the dew of her. He licked his lips and moved his head closer. He licked one side of her pussy, and then the other. He used his fingers to spread her outer lips to reveal her pink, swollen clit nestled in the softness of her damp pubic hair. He teasingly ran the tip of his tongue over the opening to her vagina and over the inner lips . As he grazed her clit with his tongue, he gently nibbled on it as well. She raised her hips to meet his mouth and wrapped her legs around his head. He buried his head into her and sucked on her clit and pussy till he heard her moans get louder and he felt her legs wrap around his head tighter. She arched up her back and grabbed her tits hard as her orgasm rocked her body. She squeezed her nipples and let out a scream of pleasure as she crashed back onto the bed. He nuzzled her pussy a bit more before he moved back up her body. He settled back down on her and she could feel his cock resting against her pussy and clit. The touch of his hard cock caused shock waves throughout her body and Tara became wetter still. She tried to ignore the growing ache in her loins and in the pit of her stomach, but it was no use. More than anything, she wanted to be taken by this man she so dearly loved. She too wanted to be consumed ….by his passion, his desire and his love. He captured her mouth with his again and she could taste her sweet nectar still on his lips.
She became aware of his hands sliding down her sides and back side when they came to rest on her ass. She drew in a sharp breath as she waited for the impending penetration of his thick, hard cock. It never came. Instead, he shifted his entire body so that he was no longer completely on her, but so that he could look at her and take her all in. The tip of his cock was resting right at the opening of her pussy and was already slathered in her sweet honey juice. He caught her eyes and they locked. Neither one said a word, but volumes were being spoken. Neither one could tear their eyes away from the other.
He reached down and began rubbing her clit and lips with the head of his cock.
He could see the effect he was having as her eyes dilated and went from grey to dark blue/black. Her body was all flushed and her breathing was getting heavier and more ragged. Every now and then small moans and gasps escaped her lips . Her entire body was a mass of sparking electricity, and she thought she would burst from the bliss he had created from his deft ministrations. As he continued to rub her clit with his cock, his own passion was rising and threatening to overtake him. He pushed his own desire for her back to the corner of his mind. His want and need to become one with her was all that he had in mind.
Tara, never taking her eyes off him, leaned up, kissed him gently and whispered, “Please baby, please?”. His knees went weak for a moment from her impassioned, soft spoken plea.
How could he deny her any longer?
He slid his hand from her pussy down to her ass and cupped it. Effortlessly, and easily, he slid his cock into her warm wet hole. As he did, Tara pushed her hips slightly forward so his cock would slide all the way in and at the same time she wrapped her legs around his hips and wound her arms around his neck. He felt her heat as she tightened around him as he slowly entered her. He slid in gently till his balls rested on the outside lips. He withdrew all the way out just as slowly as he had entered her, and as he did, he reached down and once again rubbed her clit with the tip of his cock. After a few minutes, he nudged the tip of his cock back inside her hot, wet pussy. This time however, he only put the tip of his cock in her. He slowly moved in and out of her, always just a little bit, each small stroke fanning the flames of her ardor even higher. Still locked in each others gaze, he was overwhelmed by the depth and range of emotions he saw reflected back at him. They mirrored his own.
He once again slid his cock all the way into her till he could get no further. He stopped for a minute to catch his breath. He withdrew, but not all the way. He slid in and out of her unhurriedly. He wanted to savor the feel of her wet pussy as his cock moved in and out. He could feel Tara’s silky thighs tighten their grip on his hips as she tried to hurry his pace. Her breath had quickened considerably and he felt all her muscles tighten as she began to ride the first wave of her orgasm. Tara tried to hasten his pace, but to no avail. She was just about finished with the first orgasm when a second one overtook her. By now her soft, low moans had become loud, breathy screams. She tried to stay locked into his gaze, but her body was on sensory overload. Her head was spinning and her body was trembling as wave after wave coursed through her. He was mesmerized by the look on her face; contorted, in a beautiful way. Feeling her writhe beneath him, he snapped out of his reverie to feel his cock starting to throb from the intensity. If he continued, he would give in, and he wasn’t ready yet. He stopped for a moment and let her catch her breath. He was in no hurry. As Tara descended back down from her orgasmic high, he again slid his cock in and out of her slowly. She looked at him, and in a low growl, she said, “fuck me hard baby”. He ignored her plea and continued to quietly slide in and out of her. Again, she looked at him and in a louder growl said, “ FUCK ME!”. Once again, her pleas were ignored. Tara reached down, grabbed him by his hips and tried to pull him into her hard. He was ready for this and instead he pulled himself out of her. He moved back just enough so that once again the tip of his cock was teasing the opening of her pussy. Realizing that he was in no hurry, Tara reached down and started to rub her urethra and clit as he tip fucked her. Her moans became louder as yet another orgasm was building within her, rising up from her toes until suddenly she bore down and let out a long squirt. He felt the gush of her sweet juice as it squirted up onto his chest and face. That did him in. He could no longer contain his own ache and need. He withdrew almost all the way, and as he did, he rose up, grabbed her by the ankles and shoved them off to the sides and spread them open as far as she could get. He then rammed his throbbing cock into her so hard all the air left her lungs from the force of his thrust.
Repeatedly, he plunged his cock deep inside of her . Faster, harder. As he did, he heard her scream, “YES BABY …. FUCK ME HARD!”. Her pussy was so soaked that every thrust into her sent another squirt of her sticky honey onto his body, and hers. He felt his cock tighten and knew that his own orgasm was only seconds away. He let go of her ankles and reached down to grab her face. He wanted her to watch him, and as he did, he gave one final thrust. He filled her with his own sweetness as his body quivered in ecstasy from the sweet release.
He crumpled on top of her and Tara wrapped her arms and legs around him. They lay like that till the trembling subsided, he then moved off and lay next to her. She rolled onto her side and entwined her arms and legs around him once again and pulled him to her. She locked eyes with him and they spoke to each other in silence. They had waited months, hell, years to find the other and share themselves heart, body and soul. The final culmination of passion, lust, desire and love was underneath them, and bathing them in each others sweet, sticky juice.
They lay like that for the remainder of the day …. and started all over again with the rising of the moon.


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