August 5, 2010

Rorschach test ....

Many moons ago, I got a tattoo.
A moon tattoo to be exact.
This one to be precise:

But, as you can clearly see, it's faded.
A lot.

I decided to give the 'ol boy a facelift.
I was tired of looking at the dullness of my moon-man.
He looks as old and as weary as I feel.
So, without further ado, here's the new & improved moon-man:

Ahhhh ...... the stars are brighter, his smile is noticeable again, and he just looks so "refreshed".

Well, since I was already at the tattoo parlor, it was only a logical conclusion to add another piece of ink-art to my freckly flesh.
Besides, Jack wanted to give it to me as an early birthday present.
(How can a girl refuse THAT?!)
I haven't had a new tattoo in 22 years .... what? where? how big?
So many questions!
But, after careful deliberation, I decided upon a beautiful Desna Symbol.
Desna is a deity of the Pathfinder rpg.
She is the Goddess of freedom and luck, the creator of the heavens and stars.
This is her symbol:

"Let each dream be a bright star in the night sky of your mind, and let it light your path in the day".

"Desna is an impulsive and aloof Goddess who delights and cherishes freedom, mystery and discovery.
Her aloofness is born not of arrogance, but of her confidence in her abilities and the desire to not be a burden  and be unburdened by troubles.
She is a collection of contrasts - an ancient Goddess who dislikes predicting the future, a traveler who cares nothing for her destination, a carefree creature of instinct haunted by a past born of tragedy, loss and battle that stretches back eons.
A peaceful deity forced to battle old enemies, eternally young despite the weight of ages and stars upon her.
As a luck Goddess, she believes there is always a chance for success.  She knows that people fear the unknown, dreams can turn to nightmares, and a bright destiny can become a dark fate; these opposites in her own nature define her. "

So there you have it.
All me.
My boob (moon-man) and my back left shoulder blade.
This is what I have been doing on my summer vacation.

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At 8/5/10, 12:25 AM , Blogger Buffalo said...

Looks good.

I have a couple that need refreshing. When I got them I didn't think about getting old.

At 8/5/10, 10:12 AM , Blogger morningstar said...

THey look gorgeous Blazin' !!!

At 8/5/10, 2:08 PM , Blogger Heff said...

Moonboobs !!

At 8/5/10, 4:53 PM , Blogger Boxer said...

Dang, Heff got there before me. :-)

If I were to get a tattoo it would be Saturn. I'd put it on my wrist where I could see it everyday.

Happy Early Birthday! Your Jack is a good guy.

At 8/5/10, 4:56 PM , Blogger TAG said...

Hummm. I think on the moon one we need to have the camera man back up a bit.

You know, get a better view of the neighborhood in which the moon man lives. :D


At 8/8/10, 10:12 PM , Blogger BlazngScarlet said...

Buffalo: Old? Pfft!

Morningstar: Thanks! I'm so pleased with how good they look.
Melena from New Moon Tattoo did an awesome job!

Heff: Yeppers! :D

Boxer: Thank you very much! Jack is awesome! :D

TAG: Trust me, it's NOT the Sea of Tranquility! :)

At 8/13/10, 10:19 AM , Blogger Heff said...

Hey, where are ya, out gettin' more tats ?

At 8/17/10, 10:50 PM , Blogger awareness said...

Oh, I like those tatoos, and like the story behind Desna. It suits your personality.

At 8/21/10, 5:12 PM , Blogger Indi said...

Blazin Amazin ! I have two tatts on each shoulder, one's I had designed by a fuckwit artist, long gone. I will get them covered when I have some spare cash. I love yours they breathe such energy.. beautiful



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