October 29, 2010

choices .....

Halloween is probably my all time favorite holiday.
I can dress up.
I get chocolate.
I can dress up.

I have always dressed for Halloween.
It's a tradition!
What I have never done though, is wear a wig.
Odd eh?
Yeah, I think so too.

I just figured my natural red hair would be just perfect for whatever costume I decided on.
Now, I have put different colors in (blue, green, yellow, etc), and I have sprayed it white.
Or made it shimmer with sparkle spray, but I have never worn a wig.
This year I decided I was going to get one.
See, i've also always wondered what I would look like with jet black hair.
For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to know what it would be like
to be a raven haired goddess.
But I never had the guts to color it black.
I have been every other color under the rainbow .... but never once black.

Till now .....

Here's me normally ....

What do y'all think???
Red or Raven?
Hmmmm ..............


At 10/29/10, 11:08 AM , Blogger Heff said...


At 10/29/10, 12:28 PM , Blogger BlazngScarlet said...

Heff: HAHAHA .... what's even funnier is everyone at work has told me the same thing!
I may have to re-think raven ....

Happy Birthday dollface!

At 10/29/10, 3:09 PM , Blogger Heff said...


At 10/29/10, 4:03 PM , Anonymous daisyfae said...

i love wigs - and have a collection of decent ones (all bought on clearance). nice thing? it's only there when you want it! doesn't damage my natural hair, and i can be anybody i want to be! the wig looks good!

At 10/29/10, 7:32 PM , Blogger TAG said...

With that angelic face? Either looks really good. ;-)

If you twisted my arm and made me choose, how about, the glasses from the second photo, paired with the black hair?

Either way (in my best Billy Crystal voice) ... you look mmaaavvvaalous.


At 10/30/10, 5:41 AM , Blogger The Savage said...

Go with the Morticia Addams look...

At 10/30/10, 11:06 AM , Blogger Walker said...

I don't know.
Maybe with alot of cleavage and a long dress I can see Elvira.
She wore a wig to ;)

I think you;re a knock out either way

At 10/30/10, 2:12 PM , Blogger BlazngScarlet said...

Heff: Blushing? Awww .....

DaisyFae: I believe I shall add to my wig collection ... I totally LOVED wearing it!

TAG: I do still wear glasses ... I just took them off for the pic.
I generally dont like pics of me with my glasses.
Angelic face? HAHAHAHAHAHA

Sav: Morticia and Elvira ARE my faves!

Walker: I can rock the Elvira ... I have the cleavage! ;D

Aww .... go on!
(seriously, go on!)

At 10/30/10, 6:44 PM , Blogger morningstar said...

I vote for Raven... the wig looked amazing !!!

At 11/1/10, 12:34 PM , Blogger BlazngScarlet said...

Morningstar: Raven eh?
I think i'll stick to the wig for my raven haired goddess look.
I'm a ginger girl.

(But damn was it fun to be a Raven!)

At 11/1/10, 12:42 PM , Blogger Walker said...

YOu know, I was thinking that if you put the wig between your panties with the long strands of hair running down your legs you would probably get more people looking at you.
Just a thought...

At 11/3/10, 5:47 PM , Blogger Boxer said...

I love that raven hair!! Wow. It compliments your skin color/tone and I'm amazed at what a change just hair color can make.

What have you decided??????

(p.s. I think you've over excited both Heff and Walker ;-)

At 3/17/11, 11:00 PM , Anonymous Earl Flournoy said...

My wife says the raven looks better. You could dress up as Mortisha Adams for this year's Halloween! Have you ever thought of that before? My wife also loves the holiday, but instead of her dressing up, she now lets our kids do it. At least everyone in the family (except me) gets to use her Jon Renau wigs to look like famous celebrities for trick or treating. My daughter's favorite is Marilyn Monroe!


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