December 31, 2010

Let's get it started!

All the party people in the house scream "HELL YEAH!"

HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!

Whoo .... well, here it is ... MIDNIGHT.
The start of BoxerBabes Biggity Benevolent Bash!

As promised, I have a slew of cocktails mixed up ......

I have my "entertainment" all lined up .... with the proper accoutrements  .....

So, without further ado .....


Grab yourself a drink .... enjoy the entertainment .... and go visit:

Play some games, enjoy some fine cuisine, and leave MANY COMMENTS!
Every comment on Boxers blog goes to charity .... so really, it IS a fine and worthy cause.
I mean hell, we might as well make a difference while we're getting drunk and naked right?!
Um, I mean .... while we socialize like the civilized people we are.
Uh .... whatever .... just go, have fun, leave comments and come back for the variety of entertainment
I will be posting over the next however many hours.

For now, enjoy these lovely and OMFG talented Pole dancers.

These women are athletes!

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At 12/31/10, 8:19 AM , Blogger The Savage said...

Happy New Years, Beautiful!

At 12/31/10, 8:59 AM , Blogger chickory said...

HEll Yeah!!

Im here for the beer! and the party! and the pole dancing? er....wow. take that "housewives of atl" who had a pole dancing class. not too fabulous.


At 12/31/10, 9:24 AM , Blogger Boxer said...

bwahahahahah. Pole dancing! You're gonna make the men happy.

Nicely done. I'll be back later, but for now....


At 12/31/10, 9:31 AM , Blogger Native Minnow said...

If anyone had told me about the pole dancing, I'd have been here much, much sooner.

Happy New Year!

At 12/31/10, 10:18 AM , Blogger MJ said...

I got 'em and I'm flashin' 'em.

Happy New Year!

At 12/31/10, 10:33 AM , Blogger moi said...

I want pole dancing shoes! And to be coordinated enough to do those moves. Happy New Year, doll!

At 12/31/10, 10:36 AM , Blogger Aunty Belle said...

Blazng!! Oooh, I'se in disputed territory, ain't I?

AN I thought I had a strange (fashion) video posted. Reckon this trumps all.

Happy New Year!!

At 12/31/10, 11:08 AM , Blogger BlazngScarlet said...

Savage: Right backatcha hot legs!

Chickory: WHOO HOOO! Happy to have you here in hell! Grab a drink and we can rip apart those Housewives! lol

Boxer: It's all about the $$! lol
The entertainment will change ... so keep an eye out!

Native Minnow: Ahhh .... there will be more to come!

MJ: And they are STUNNING!
As are your houseboys! WHOO HOOO

MOI: I want those killer abs, thighs and arms! I already have the shoes. ;D

Aunty B: Things can, and usually do, get a wee bit risque here in hell.
It's all in good fun though!

I am so very happy y'all showed up!
Happy New Year to all of you ... may you have much love, joy, happiness and health!

At 12/31/10, 11:19 AM , Blogger Troll said...

Gimme a "Hell"!
Gimme a "Yeah"!
Stand up right now!

Good party song. GREAT pole dancing!

Happy New Year!

At 12/31/10, 11:43 AM , Blogger Karl said...

Happy New Year BlazngScarlet!

Hotdog does this place look fun! May I have one bourbon, one scotch, one beer and a pole dance?

At 12/31/10, 11:55 AM , Blogger Heff said...


At 12/31/10, 1:17 PM , Blogger BamaTrav said...

I can for sure do the women in stilletos. Happy New Years babe! PARTY ON DUDES!

At 12/31/10, 5:21 PM , Blogger LaDivaCucina said...

Happy New Year Blazing Scarlet! Hey, do you have any Jamesons whiskey lying about? MJ WON'T SHARE!!!!

At 12/31/10, 5:30 PM , Blogger BlazngScarlet said...

Troll: They are quite talented are they not?

Karl: Any preference on your Scotch? Bourbon? Beer?
I am a bartender, so my bar is VERY well stocked!


BamaTrav: I do like to make sure my guests are properly entertained!

LaDivaCucina: I most certainly DO!
Rocks or neat?

At 12/31/10, 5:41 PM , Blogger LaDivaCucina said...

Rocks with a splash of dry (getting a wee bit tipsy!) Going over to Moi's to get some grub! Thanks, darling! xo

At 12/31/10, 5:41 PM , Blogger Karl said...

A Maker's Mark, Johnnie Walker and Murphy's Red Tavern Ale. If you have them. If not all take what ever as on the rail. I'm easy to please and happy to be here.

At 12/31/10, 5:42 PM , Blogger LaDivaCucina said...

Hey, I didn't know there was Makers Mark! I'll have one of those instead! Just did a You Tube mini party mix at Boxers, check it out!

At 12/31/10, 9:35 PM , Blogger Boxer said...

Happy New Year Blaze!!!!!!

xoxo - thank you for your support this past year.

Wishing you and your family a healthy and wonderful 2011!!


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