December 3, 2010

Two'fer Friday ....

Here's a couple of "classics" to get y'all in the holiday spirit.

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At 12/6/10, 3:31 PM , Blogger Boxer said...

you know, Bob Rivers is/was a radio host in Seattle and I've seen him play live. He's currently off the air due to a contract dispute and is sorely missed. Love that you posted this.

At 12/6/10, 4:18 PM , Blogger BlazngScarlet said...

I ADORE Bob Rivers!
I didn't know he was based out of Seattle though.
Cool! :D

At 12/6/10, 4:22 PM , Blogger Heff said...

Eh....I'll get back to this post in about 2 more weeks, lol !


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