February 2, 2011


That's all I heard about starting on Sunday .....
The powers that be closed down the city lastnight in anticipation of us becoming Chicago.
We've had some snow
Some rain
Lot's of cold
NOTHING of the blizzard that's pounded Oklahoma, Missouri and Illinois.
I'm good with having a paid day off.
But can we please stop with the rain/sleet?
I would so much rather have snow than rain/sleet.
Ice sucks.
So does the over zealous media.


At 2/2/11, 10:57 AM , Anonymous daisyfae said...

our local media folk ran out of adjectives for the ice storm. so they are now resorting to stealing from 'wine snobs'.

"Quarter inch of ice, with hazelnut overtones, and just a hint of nutmeg"

At 2/2/11, 11:53 AM , Blogger Boxer said...

I'm sure your weather people are exahausted coming up with new BIG graphics week, after week, after week.

yay! for a paid snow day.

Stay warm and safe.


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