June 18, 2012

Sultry .....

Hmmm ..... sultry.
What image pops into your head when you read that word?
I have several (and most x-rated!).

But this image is what stands out the most:

Catching fireflies
Wet sheet of humidity
Summer night magic

I don't know .... maybe it's because I had sights like this pretty much all weekend, but watching the fireflies and staring up at the stars when there's absolutely no artificial light around really takes my breath away.
It also helps me achieve a clarity that I only get when i'm out at camp.
Absence of distraction .... it's awesome!

Well, after having the day to try and finish my second idea of 'sultry', I believe I have finally been able to put in words the image in my head.
Which is this:


 Passion overtakes
Slamming loins against the wall
Years of want renewed

Foamy was the winner of last weeks Haiku Monday .... go on over and see what Sultry means to everyone else!



At 6/18/12, 8:21 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

a bj on the back deck?

At 6/18/12, 12:25 PM , Blogger Boxer said...

nice! glad you had a chance to recharge. I love the idea of the absence of distraction. :-)

At 6/18/12, 12:57 PM , Blogger Walker said...

Did you throw you clothes off and dance with them in the woods?

At 6/18/12, 4:57 PM , Blogger BlazngScarlet said...

BamaTrav: Sultry = BJ on the back porch?
Hmmmmmmmmmmm ..... I can see that! ;D

Boxer: Absence of distractions is a mighty fine thing.

Walker: I did dance. Just not naked. I think Lil' man would have been scarred for life.

At 6/18/12, 6:48 PM , Blogger Rafael said...

Isn't sultry a GREAT word. Conjures up both the beauty of summer's eve sweltering in the heat and the savagery of our animal instinct when passions warm us from the inside out.

Great contrast...LOVE THEM BOTH!


At 6/18/12, 7:55 PM , Blogger foam said...

Ditto what Rafa said. And I love camping for the same reasons. I also danced in the woods during a camping trip recently. ... Clad in clothes too. :).

At 6/18/12, 10:48 PM , Anonymous daisyfae said...

love the fireflies, but think that loin-slapping is a bit more fun at this age... give me five years and ask again!

At 6/19/12, 10:34 AM , Blogger moi said...

I do believe "loin slamming" is about to enter our blogger lexicon. Great 'kus, both of them. As for dancing under the stars in the woods? That's cool. Nekkid? With bugs? Not so much.


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