September 26, 2009


Moments …..
My head is filled with them.
Memories and images …..
Etched into my head.
My soul.
My heart.

Moments …..
Your face when I lean in to kiss you.
So open, so inviting.
Your eyes as I’m fucking you face-to face.
Dark and luminous …. vulnerable, loving, passionate.
The intense growls of your desire as you lick and suckle my pussy.
Knowing what I like …. And what you crave.
Your delighted chuckle when my body is in sensory overload
From coming so much that I laugh uncontrollably.
Your gentle touches on my arms, my legs, my buttocks.
The way you reach for my hand.
You naked.
Your cock throbbing in anticipation of my lips wrapping around you.
How it gets harder as I tighten my grip and suck hard.
Your hands twisting in my hair as you gently pull my head back
And sink your teeth into my exposed neck.
The way you pin me down and cover my body in kisses.
All over.
Your nervousness and excitement when I come home.
The way we banter and “discuss” till we’re both laughing
And we forget the point.
The ardency in your voice when you say, “I’m happy.”
Moments ……


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