September 4, 2009

Will you hold my hair while I puke ... Please?

I need to leave.

I'd love to recount the whole disgusting reason why, but I don't have the strength.
I really MUST leave.

Suffice to say that my basement flooded with backed up sewage waste.
That's right, my basement was filled with all my neighbors turds.
Lucky me.
The level of shit rose high enough to kill my upright freezer that's on a 4" pallet.
It was filled to overflowing with hundreds of dollars of meat.
All rotten.

Do you have any idea what shit and rotting meat smells like?
Pray you never have to find out.

It was supposed to be all cleaned up BEFORE myself and my lovely spawn came back home.
Maybe in someone elses reality, but it sure as fuck isn't in mine.

I was rudely awakened at 7am by the guy needing me to move my car to place another dumpster in my driveway.
It is now just after 8am and I see the clean-up crew sitting in front of my house in their van smoking and drinking coffee.
It's after 8am twinkledicks, GET YOUR ASSES TO WORK!
I know it stinks, but this is YOUR job!

To make it even more fun, I have to pick the boys up from the airport at 11am.
These fucktards had better be done by then because I'm leaving.
The boys can't stay in this, and I won't.
Fuck me.

Enjoy the long weekend y'all, and I will be back next week for good.
My summer vacation is over, and it's time for me & the boys to go back to school.
Sadly, I'm almost looking forward to it.
Almost ......


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