February 9, 2011

MCW - Best of the '30s

Happy hump day blogland!
I haven't played MCW in awhile, but felt in the mood today.

Now, anyone who knows me even the slightest knows that 2 of my all time favorite
movies came out in this lavish decade .....
"Gone With the Wind" and "The Wizard of Oz".
I chose NEITHER of these 2 movies for today.
Instead, I picked a movie I saw as a little girl that fostered my enjoyment of horror movies ...

"Dracula" from 1931 starring the ever so creepy Bela Lugosi.

Happy MCW!



At 2/9/11, 6:12 PM , Blogger Boxer said...

Hey! You played!!! I really thought there would be a ton of GWTW, but I'm glad to see many movies I've haven't thought of in a long time. Great pick.

I hope this means you'll play next week too. xoxo

Happy MCW!

At 2/11/11, 9:39 AM , Blogger Karl said...

Good morning BlazngScarlet,

Sorry I'm so late getting by. You picked a good one, this was a great movie.

Happy clip day. Glad you played.


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