December 1, 2011

Twinkle Toes .....

I really dislike black ice.
Especially at 6:30am.
In the dark.
When i'm NOT awake.
And i'm "off" coffee (doctors orders)

Thank god I have a big ass.

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At 12/2/11, 8:47 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Big asses are good for tapping. XO

At 12/2/11, 10:58 AM , Blogger Boxer said...

nooooooooo coffee?

and yes, vodka IS a food group.

have a great weekend. xoxoxo

At 12/2/11, 4:51 PM , Blogger Karl said...

Good Afternoon BlazngScarlet,

Forget the Hippopotamus if you need to walk like a Penguin

At 12/2/11, 5:23 PM , Blogger morningstar said...

black ice is a bitch any time of the day - with or without coffee...

can I go "nah nah nah!!" we are still have spring like temperatures - rained all day today... (cheeky grin)

(hope it doesn't come back to bite me in the ass)

At 12/3/11, 2:41 AM , Blogger Walker said...

Damn I don't have a big ass, I don't have an ass.
I hope if i ever slip you're standing behind me HA HA HA

At 12/5/11, 8:29 PM , Blogger Aunty Belle said...

No cawfee??
Thas' inhumane.

But...I'se a florida woman--what is black ice?

At 12/6/11, 10:37 AM , Blogger BlazngScarlet said...

NIXABN: So i've been told. ;)

BOXER: He said no chocolate either ... and I told him he might as well just shoot me now!

KARL: I'll have to try that one ... we're due for more Black Ice tomorrow!

MORNINGSTAR: Enjoy the lovely weather while you can! =)

WALKER: You can borrow some of mine! :D

AUNTY: It IS inhumane! GAH!
I'se was a Florida gal too ... for 10 years! Now i'm back up north .....
Black Ice is just a patch of ice that you can't see because it blends into the pavement.
It's a bitch!

At 12/7/11, 9:03 AM , Blogger Kimberly said...

You need a second opinion. Why in the world would a doctor take you "off" coffee? In that case I won't tell you about the fantastic Bailey's Toffee Caramel creamer that is in my cup this morning. Nope, I won't tell you.

At 12/7/11, 4:14 PM , Blogger Heff said...

Black Ice....the AC/DC album ??? It's aight.....

At 12/12/11, 1:31 PM , Anonymous HeffIsALiar said...

Boy I'm glad I don't have a tongue named Roy or manipulate people using coffee and blogs, then I might have to worry about black ice too.

I'm sure glad I don't have to worry about that though.

La la la la la...

La la la la...

Name that tune!


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