January 15, 2012

Treasure ......

Well ... since I had fun with last weeks Haiku, I figured i'd try my hand at it again.

The lovely Chickory was the winner of last weeks Haiku Monday and is Hostess for this week.
She chose the subject/theme of Treasure.
As soon as I read it ... I was kind of inspired!
Well, as inspired as I can be for Haiku!  lol
(I fully admit, I LOVE reading them ... but I am NOT good with the writing of them!)
I invite and encourage any of my readers who don't participate to try their hand at it ... or at least go visit Chickory and read some absolutely amazing and talented writing!
Oh, and as an extra incentive, Chickory will be bestowing the winner of this week with one her FABULOUS pieces of artwork! (you can find her awesome work for sale here)

Anywhoodle .... I have 4 (four) this week.
They're not fabulous .... but they're all about MY treasure(s)!

I hope you enjoy them .....

 On a summer night,
We planted our seedlings
That became my life

Blonde hair, blue eyes
The very best of myself
My gorgeous boys

 Grubby little hand
Reaching for me in the dark,
Monsters chased away

Soulful brown eyes,
Searching for home through my screen,
We healed our souls

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At 1/15/12, 10:23 PM , Blogger Boxer said...

Really, what better treasure than your children, Blaze? Glad to see you in this week and they are all lovely. :-)

At 1/15/12, 10:28 PM , Anonymous daisyfae said...

treasures. no doubt.

beautiful words... i'm not often misty eyed about much, but that overwhelming "momma bear" feeling that took over my life when my daughter appeared? gets me every time...

At 1/16/12, 2:26 AM , Blogger Walker said...

Very nice and what better treasure than your kids but i am sure there are days when you wish it was hidden quiet treasure HA HA HA

At 1/16/12, 4:33 PM , Blogger BlazngScarlet said...

BOXER: Yes, they are ALL my children! lol
Granted, Princess is a rather 'new addition', but she is the only girl I will ever have! =)

DAISYFAE: Curtain climbin, sammich grabbin, rug apes rip my heart out EVERY time! Oh, and so do the four legged kind! lol

WALKER: It's like you have a window into my home!
(PERV! Bwahahahahaha)


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