January 13, 2012

Van Halen


I saw a promo for the upcoming Van Halen Tour, and *BAM*,
I was instantly back in the early 80's rockin' out with my (proverbial) cock out!
Diamond Dave and the boys were the SHIZZ!

But ..... somewhere in the middle of a VERY successful tour in 1985 for their "1984" Album, David Lee Roth was booted from the band (or left .... depends on who you ask).
The band replaced Diamond Dave with Sammy Hagar.
He was no DLR, but he & the Van Halen Boys managed to put out a few substantial and worthwhile songs.
This one (in my opinion) is still VERY relevant ..... 20 years later!

There was of course, ANOTHER change at lead singer (Eddie has 'artistic' issues) ....
Gary Cherone.
(Not a fan)

But, as time has gone on, Van Halen is back together as it was ..... except for Michael Anthony (Bass) who was replaced by Wolfgang Van Halen ...... Eddies son.
They are getting ready to release a new album.
Here's their new single:

Um ...... yeah.
Form your own opinion .... but I prefer to remember the glory days of Van Halen/Van Hagar.

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At 1/13/12, 9:57 AM , Blogger Heff said...

Ok, the lyrics in the new song are pretty stupid, lol, but it STILL sounds like vintage VH otherwise.

One thing good about having DLR back - they'll have to play the "GOOD SHIT" live !!!

I don't think they even ASKED Michael Anthony back, or he would have JUMPED ON IT !

At 1/13/12, 1:10 PM , Blogger Boxer said...

I never did listen to VanHalen much, but the are so part of my youth/etc that I like hearing them. Not sure they should be still making music, however. ;-)

At 1/13/12, 10:36 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

was always fond of the EVH / DLR combo...

At 1/15/12, 3:51 AM , Blogger Walker said...

I hear they are coming through here in march but i am holding out for deep purple


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