September 27, 2012

Wild hair ....

As most of you already know, I am a natural born red-head.
A ginger.
Through the years, my hair has gone from strawberry blonde to dark auburn and everything in between.
Ok, so mostly it's now grey/gray.

Well, for many years now, I have dreamt of having REALLY dark, almost Raven black hair.
I have blue-grey eyes, fair skin and freckles galore, so severely dark hair like that would probably not look so good.
But  ... me being me, I decided to just take the plunge.

Here I am before:

And here's what I look like now:

Whaddya think?????

I may or may not have had a glass or two (5) of wine in pic #2.
Just sayin' .....

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At 9/27/12, 3:14 PM , Blogger Walker said...

I am partial to redheads but saying that, you can't really tell when one is sitting on your face what the color of her hair is HA HA HA

At 9/27/12, 4:10 PM , Blogger Heff said...


At 9/28/12, 8:37 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

That actually looks really good on you and it DOES look natural. It brings your eyes out more. XO

At 9/28/12, 5:41 PM , Blogger Karl said...

Good afternoon BlazngScarlet,

Most appealing, the after photo brings this tune to mind.

At 9/29/12, 2:35 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh funny--the guys answer first. Hee hee.

Gorgeous both ways!!


At 9/29/12, 10:27 AM , Blogger BlazngScarlet said...

WALKER: The carpet does NOT match the drapes!

HEFF: WOW ... and I didn't have to show my bresasis!

BAMATRAV: Aww ... thanks doll! xoxoxox

KARL: Ooooo ... I'll take that as a compliment! I usually get
this tune!

AUNTY: Yes, it IS odd that all the MEN weighed in first! lol

Thanks for all the lovely comments!
I've been VERY unsure of it since I did it, but it seems to be growing on me more and more!

At 9/30/12, 8:33 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks great! it does make your eyes stand out! Sometimes going with big changes can alter your entire outlook - here's hoping it puts a little extra 'pop' in your step!

At 10/7/12, 11:59 PM , Blogger awareness said...

BEEEE UUUUUU TEEEEE Full! I love your new hair colour!


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