July 20, 2007


I have been recognized for the GENIUS that is ME!


Christ on a bike .... what's a chick gotta do to be able to bask in the glow of my VERY FIRST AWARD?
G'wan .... make suggestions, I'm not skeered.
Shameless hussy I am I tell you.

I digress.

The very talented, and quite funny *Drama King Walker has bestowed upon me, the
"Schmooze Award".

Now, i'm not exactly sure what Schmoozing is, but if it's even remotely close to having the ability to bullshit, annoy and possibly offend, preferably at the same time, well, then this award was made for me.

I borrowed (stole) Walkers definition of Schmooze, that he actually borrowed (stole) from yet another blogger, PBS.

FORMS: schmoozed or schmoosed also shmoozed, schmooz·ing or schmoos·ing, shmooz·ing, schmooz·es or schmoos·es, shmooz·es

Slang To converse casually, especially in order to make a social connection.
A perfect definition of blogging!

I just want to say that the fact that someone actually comes here and reads my feeble attempts at writing just makes me feel good, and that someone thought enough of my writing to honor me with an award makes me wanna SNOOPY DANCE!

Honestly, I know we all say that we write for ourselves, and for the most part, we do.
But let's be REAL honest here, we ALL love knowing that people do read our thoughts, and offer advice, opinions, sympathy, or just a friendly hello.
It's what keeps us writing more.

Or maybe it's just me that likes feeling validated.
I'm cool with that.
I'm not ashamed to admit it either.

But it's more than that.
I like making people laugh, and every now & then, think.

Alright, enough of ME ..... it's time for me to award 5 more deserving people of this oh-so-prestigious award.
In no particular order, they are:

Special K: You were one of the first blogs I read, and who read me. You have a knack for making even the mundane absolutely hilarious. You are a very talented woman my funny Canadian Peach!

Tim-ID: This should be a "Thinking Blogger" award, but since I don't have one of those, you get what you get and LIKE IT! (lol) Seriously, you have an easy way of writing that always brings me back for more, and of course, your MAD photoshop skills!

Naughti Biscotti: See ABOVE. I know you've had your ups & downs in the blogger realm, but I have felt a connection to you since I first started reading you 2 years or so ago. No matter how many Sabbaticals you take, i'll always be looking for you and your amazing artwork!

Becky: You continually crack my shit up AND you always have the bestest Housewifey Doodads!

Kat's Stuff: What is it about you Texas women?! Y'all are funny as hell! lol
You're another one I've been reading for a few years now, and I can't get enough of! lol

There are other for whom this award should go to, but sadly, a few of them have kinda disappeared from Blogworld.
If you're still reading, you know who you are.

Honestly, I think my entire blogroll should get this award, but i'm just being a good lemming and following directions.

Fuck it ..... EVERYONE gets an award!

I made it myself.

Do you like it??
Lie to me if you have to.

Nobody's required to do shit except bask in the glow of the award you have been given.
Oh, and bask in MY glow as well.

Now if you'll excuse me, i'm off to have a good cry and dance.
Thank you Walker.

* For the record, Walker is NOT a Drama King, but he sure does know how to attract it! Kind of like flies are attracted to shit, except that Walker is much more pleasing to the senses than shit. Must be the knickers on his head.


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