May 26, 2010

MCW - Documentary

Hello all! I haven't been around much for MCW, and you missed me didn't you?
It's ok, you can lie to me.

The ever lovely Boxer has choosen this weeks theme to be:
Best Documentary.

Admittedly, this was a very tough category for me.
I love documentaries .... I just never really think to watch them very often.

Anyway, I came across this one several months ago and it affected me.
I was crying by the time I was done watching.
For so many reasons.
I am all about womens rights.
Specifically, their right to choose; how to live, how to act, their bodies, whom to love, etc.
But every now and then, I question some of the choices that we women make.
I don't judge,  I question.
Perhaps for better understanding.
Or just out of curiosity.
But never judge.
After all, who am I?

This is one of those documentaries that make me question.

The Perfect Vagina

EDIT:  This documentary is about women, all different ages, sizes and socio-economic backgrounds who have elective Female Rejuvenation surgery. 
I understand from a medical standpoint that there are some women who need to have surgery done on their Vagina. But the vast majority of women do not need it.  They're looking for whatever they consider to be "perfect". 


At 5/26/10, 1:56 AM , Blogger Walker said...

I always thought the perfect vagina was the one that was finger lickin good.

This is just another flaw in society where people believe what they here and say and who is saying it.
Probably the doctors and people who profit off of our vanity.

Which brings me to this thought.
If a fat broad or guy for that matter have bellies that are so large for them to see their feet WTF do they care if they have the perfect cock, cunt, penis vagina whatever if they are never going to see it.
Do they stand on mirrors and look up.
You know, everything in the mirror is backwards so they'd probably look at their buttholes and go "OOOOOO look how tight that looks".
The guys are gong "OMG where did I leave it and what is that large mole on my ass.

We cry fowl when it comes to female circumcision but we have this and pierced clits, dicks getting popular.
It's a funny world.
What's next?

At 5/26/10, 7:19 AM , Anonymous daisyfae said...

i like your choice of words "question" not "judge". anyone chasing the perfect anything is going to have a long race to nowhere useful...

At 5/26/10, 10:23 AM , Blogger Heff said...


That is all.

At 5/26/10, 12:15 PM , Blogger Joanna Cake said...

OMG! I forgot that one! It made me very cross indeed! :)

At 5/26/10, 12:19 PM , Blogger Boxer said...

I've never heard of this? But I'm going to spend some time finding it to watch. I'm really enjoying this theme because of things like this; good pick. Thanks. xoxo.

At 5/26/10, 1:03 PM , Blogger BlazngScarlet said...

Walker: Anyone who preys on another's fears and insecurities to make money is the lowest form of scum.
They're a waste of flesh and taking up all my oxygen.

Daisyfae: I really don't understand the obsession with "perfection" and chasing the fountain of youth.
Really, I don't.

Heff: I am so happy that you approve! :D

J.Cake: Didn't it make you want to scream? And cry?
I did both.

Boxer: The link to the site is there .... it's the underlined "The Perfect Vagina" in orange.
It's about an hour long, but so worth watching.

At 5/26/10, 9:45 PM , Blogger Buzz Kill said...

I'm at a loss here. I never knew there was such a thing, or a need for such a thing. I've seen a huge amount of porn (I'm married with kids) and I've never seen a vag that I would turn away. To each her own. This is probably the most interesting documentary of the day.

Happy MCW!

At 5/27/10, 12:28 PM , Blogger BlazngScarlet said...

Buzz: Sadly, it is a HUGE business, and growing more popular by the day.

At 5/30/10, 11:58 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can get surgery to make a "perfect vagina" make a sandwich?

who knew....


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