April 13, 2011

MCW - Outer Space

Welcome to Movie Clip Wednesday!
This weeks theme is Best movie in Outer Space.
Now, the obvious choice here is "Star Wars" or "Alien" or maybe even "Star Trek".
However, I went for the funny.
Two funny's actually.

First up ..... "Galaxy Quest"

I ADORE Alan Rickman!
Sigourney Weaver? Damn was she hot looking in this movie!

Next up, I choose "SpaceBalls"

It's MEL BROOKS for fucks sake!
And John Candy ....

May the Schwartz be with you!

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At 4/13/11, 3:57 PM , Blogger Boxer said...

I LOVE Galaxy Quest and just watched it a few months ago. It's a great cast, funny, sweet and at the end even a good SciFi movie.

Great pick! xoxox

At 4/13/11, 8:51 PM , Blogger Buzz Kill said...

I have never seen Galaxy Quest and I don't know why. But I have seen Space Balls and it's classic Mel Brooks. I forgot that Bill Pullman was in this.

May the Schwartz be with you!

At 4/14/11, 7:55 PM , Blogger Karl said...

Good evening BlazngScarlet,

I haven't seen Galaxy Quest. Although it looks like it could be fun.

Spaceballs: well, I like anything with John Candy in it and with the humor of Mel Brooks, you know it's gonna be funny.

Happy clip day.

At 4/16/11, 10:56 AM , Blogger Joanna Cake said...

Galaxy Quest is the best Star Trek parody there is - and I love Alan Rickman too!


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