March 9, 2011


Here it is ... Wednesday.
Movie Clip Wednesday to be exact.
The lovely Boxer has chosen best film from England/Ireland/Scotland.
Now, I'm not sure if she only wanted one movie, or one from each place.
So, I took the liberty of choosing 3 films.

I have a feeling I may have a post jinx with at least one of my chosen films.
Ah well .....

Well then, shall we see what I have chosen?
First up ....

There were soooooo many films from England that I could have chosen ... but I really enjoyed Cate Blanchetts portrayal of Queen Elizabeth.
Of course, I LOVE most any movie that deals with Royalty!
Such intrigue, deception and politics!

Next ....

Let me just say, I am NOT a John Wayne fan.
At all.
But, this movie?
Hells yes!
He was the PERFECT lead to Maureen O'Hara!
His best performance .... EVER!

Lastly ....

Again, a stunning performance by Ewan McGregor.
At times, this film is very difficult to watch.
It is gritty.
It is dirty.
It is dark.
It's brilliant!

I hope y'all enjoy my picks.
Happy MCW!

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At 3/9/11, 12:52 AM , Blogger Buffalo said...

"The Quiet Man" was a helluva good movie. Wayne and O'Hara made a number of movies together and they were all good. They had good chemistry.

Shouldn't be so hard on the Duke. Some of his movies were outstanding. Check out "Red River R" with Montgomery Clift and Walter Brennen. His Rooster Cogburn movies; the second of which you have the bonus of watching Kate Hepburn work.

At 3/9/11, 12:04 PM , Blogger Boxer said...

Wow, I've seen none of these and I know Trainspotting is good and should be watched. As for John Wayne, unfortunately, he became one of this iconic figures that I think took away from the body of work he produced. I did like him in some of his really early movies and later in True Grit.

So glad you played this week! Great picks and Happy MCW!

At 3/9/11, 1:20 PM , Blogger xl said...

If I were doing Scotland, I would have picked Trainspotting as well. With subtitles.

Happy MCW!

At 3/9/11, 6:14 PM , Blogger Walker said...

All great movies.
John Wayne s best i wouldn't say but he was perfect for the part.

I am surprised no one picked the one movie watched more than any other one from there and is watched by thousands every day.
Huh go figure.

Hmmm, The Virgin Queen

At 3/9/11, 8:10 PM , Blogger Buzz Kill said...

Wow, you went around the horn and hit all of the countries. I haven't watched Trainspotting all the way through because it really needs subtitles. The Quiet Man advocates wife beating and Elizabeth demonstrates the royal glass ceiling for women - great themes. Bwahahaha

Happy MCW!


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