March 6, 2011

Dream ....

After a very long drive, I pull up in front of your house.
I remove my suitcase from the trunk and walk up the steps.
Before I can knock, you open the door and drag me into your arms.
You entwine your fingers through my hair as your lips devour mine.
We're not even in the house, we're in the doorway ... half inside, half outside.
Our hands are flying all over; trying to remove coats, shirts, pants and anything else
that's keeping us from being the way we want to be ....naked.
We stumble into the vestibule, slamming the door behind us as we tear each others clothes off in earnest.
We've been apart for far too long, so 'romance' will have to wait till later .... when the 'fire' has been somewhat quenched.
I fall back onto the couch as you drop to the floor and bury your head between my legs.
I let you gorge yourself for a few minutes, but only for a few minutes.

I need to feel you inside of me ... filling me.
My ache growing to a crescendo as you enter me.
You sink your teeth into the soft flesh of my shoulder as we bump and grind out the weeks of loneliness and missing each other.
For the next however many hours, we explore, renew and re-introduce ourselves.
Finally, sated, we pass out ... only to awaken and start all over again.



After a very long drive, I pull up in front of your house.
The Boy jumps out of the car like his ass was on fire.
Poot soon follows screaming, "Where's my DS? I have to pee!".
The newest member of hell, Princess, decides it's time to play.
I ask The Boy to grab the dog and take her across the street to the park so she can pee.
Meanwhile, Poot is telling me to hurry up, he wants out.
I get out of the vehicle, grab Poot and my suitcase.
I walk up the steps open the door, step in and look around.
No one is around to greet me.
As I stumble in the front doorway, I hear you coming in through the back door.
You must have been at your parents.
You see me as you come through the kitchen, but you can't get to me as Poot has decided
to attach himself to your legs, making walking almost impossible.
Meanwhile, as I try and get my coat and boots off, The Boy comes through the door with Princess.
The dog pushes past me, dragging The Boy with her into me.
We all collide and become entangled in her leash.
I reach over, release Princess from her leash and then finish removing my boots.
As I'm bent over removing my boots, Princess is leaping on my head to try and get back to The Boy, who is on his way back outside to bring in the rest of the luggage.
With Poot firmly attached to your legs, you finally make your way over to me.
Well, close enough for a quick peck on the lips anyway.
Anything more than that is impossible as The Girl (your daughter) has now heard all the commotion and has decided to come downstairs and join the party.
The dog goes nuts, jumping up on her, and you.
The CAT walks in, sees the dog, hisses and then runs away and hides.
The Boy brings in the rest of the luggage, Poot runs upstairs to pee, Princess finds a comfy spot on the overstuffed chair and I think, "Finally! He's all mine".
But no, The Girl has a bajillion things to tell me ... and they all have to be told to me NOW.
So .... after 6 hours, we climb upstairs, close (and lock) the bedroom door behind us,
and kiss.

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At 3/6/11, 6:43 PM , Blogger Buffalo said...

I needed a chuckle and this did it.

At 3/6/11, 8:08 PM , Blogger Boxer said...

oh, I see you got married?


Sorry Sweetie. I like your dream much better and I think you do too.

how's the dog????

At 3/6/11, 10:19 PM , Anonymous daisyfae said...


been there on both counts. while the 'dream' sequence is fun? the 'reality' sequence will keep you laughing!

At 3/7/11, 9:01 AM , Blogger Jimmy said...

You're still on fire hen. Nice touch.

At 3/7/11, 11:26 AM , Blogger Walker said...

In the end you still got it ;)

At 3/7/11, 12:28 PM , Blogger BlazngScarlet said...

Buffalo: Glad to be of service! =)

Boxer: Princess is awesome ... but she's a runner.
She is the perfect little girl to complete this madhouse! lol

Daisyfae: I've had both as well ... and really? The 'dream' is just that; a nice escape every now and then.
Reality IS laughter!

Jimmy: We redheads usually are!
So happy you're back dollface!

Walker: And then some! WHOO HOO!

At 3/8/11, 3:56 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yup, that's reality, unless you have a lover!


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