June 25, 2012

Textural titillation .....

That is this weeks theme for Haiku Monday.

Having a child on the Autism Spectrum, I live my life around textures!
Too mushy, too gooey, too soft, too scritchy, GAH!  We've been through them all!
I thought about writing about another Haiku about my sons textural issues, but .....
yeah ...
It's been done already.

So, I decided to rip a page out of my life ...
and my textures.

It's a bit on the risque side .....

A bind of black silk
Senses heightened; nerves aroused
Slick tongue is your whip

I usually save my *ahem* steamier stuff for full poems.
But I wanted to see if I could convey erotica in 5-7-5.
I don't think it's half bad.

The lovely  (and VERY saucy) CoreyJo is the hostess this week.
Go on over and have a read.

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At 6/25/12, 8:00 PM , Blogger Rafael said...


It's tough to be erotic in only 17-syllables (Lord knows I've tried and tried...and tried some more), yet, tongue lashings be damned, BLAZE, I think you've DONE IT!!!

Nicely done! SMILES--


At 6/25/12, 8:06 PM , Blogger Karl said...

Good evening BlazngScarlet,

A most sensual presentation. Well done!

At 6/25/12, 11:36 PM , Blogger CoreyJo said...

My Oh My Blaze!!

I do believe Rafa is right. You have definitely captured erotica in 17 syllables! Bravo!!


At 6/26/12, 8:35 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

A woman she tastes
Of sweat,dank and musty fish
Give her a razor


At 6/26/12, 9:47 AM , Blogger Heff said...

This story was short
But it forced me to climax
Oh what a damn mess.....

At 6/26/12, 10:28 AM , Blogger Walker said...

And the beat goes on
slurpy slurpy slurpy
Before the meat goes in


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