October 15, 2012

What's cooler than cool?

Welcome to Haiku Monday!
The ever so gracious Grins/Curmudgeon has chosen 'cool' as the theme AND he gave us
2 weeks to get our shit together submit whatever it is our minds come up with.

Black, white and furry
Arch enemy: Red Baron
Snoopy IS Joe Cool

It's not fantastic ... even with 2 weeks to work on it!
Ah well ....

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At 10/15/12, 8:25 PM , Blogger Rafael said...

We can't very well expect someone with FIRE betwixt her legs to know shit about shit when it comes to COOL. HELLO, I just read you melted your mans 'lectric stick as he went up through your watering hole...I've heard of burn'n through some rubber, but that's ri*GODDMAN-dicKulous!

That said, I think it's cute and Snoopy IS cool...


P.S. I've been gnawing on that 'lectric stick line for a day or two, but can't quite make your wiring problem funny. Oh well...tried.

At 10/16/12, 1:30 PM , Blogger becca said...

Love this one

At 10/17/12, 6:22 PM , Anonymous daisyfae said...

what's not to love about the ORIGINAL Snoop Dog?


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