July 21, 2013

Down on the BAYOU ....

Happy Haiku Monday!
That cheeky little monkey, Rafa, is our lovely host this week and has chosen the theme of BAYOU.
Having lived in Florida for 10 years, i'm somewhat familiar with bayous.
We just called them The Everglades.

Either way, they're mysterious ....
Creepy .....
Beautiful .....
Haunting .....
Mesmerizing ....

I find myself drawn to them.
Not sure why.

Here's my haiku in honor of the Bayou .....

Stagnant, lazy stream
Mossy covered cypress loom
Eerie mystery

Here's another to tickle your toes:

On a full moon night,
Howling presence from thin air,
The Bayou Banshee

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At 7/21/13, 11:25 PM , Blogger foam said...

Very nice! I was curious to see your visuals...

At 7/22/13, 8:38 PM , Blogger Rafael said...

For the record, although not above throw'n some feces, when it's to my benefit, my knuckles do NOT scrape the ground.

Lil' monkey...MY CHEEKY ASS!D

The bayou, by any name, does seem to have a draw that, once bitten, never leaves you. Perhaps it's the bayou banshee you mentioned, nip'n at your tail.

Seriously, these are beautiful... loved the very essence of mystery you left lingering and the photos were super neat.


P.S. Funny how words can be misconstrued, I thought your "hmmm...I'll be back", was code for"eh, not so much". You're poems proved me horribly wrong (that or you warmed to the subject:)

At 7/23/13, 10:18 AM , Blogger BlazngScarlet said...

FOAM: Thanks! I hope they captured my words!

RAFA: You ARE cheeky! Maybe not a monkey, but definitely cheeky!
You didn't think i'd be back eh?
I needed to let it roll around in my grey matter a bit.

At 7/23/13, 9:24 PM , Blogger Walker said...

Looks like someone i once dated.

At 7/27/13, 9:44 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

evocative... oh, and LOL @ Walker!


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