February 16, 2012

My Town ....

I was out and about today running errands ....

I needed some groceries.
The shag wagon (named by the teenagers) needed an oil change.
And I needed to replenish some of my "stock". (booze)

So, after the shag wagon got oiled & lubed, I swung across the street to one of my favoritest places .....

This store is actually comprised of 2 stores.
One side has all kinds of gourmet foods; chocolates, pastries, cheese, coffee, tea, sauces, exotic oils, spices and my new obsession:

Belgium Treasure  Biscrips Cinnamon Cookie Spread.

It's the cinnamon version of Nutella (and just as evil).
But OMFG ... what it does to a whole wheat bagel!
Sheer decadence!

Anywhoodle .....
The other side of the store is, as you may have guessed, a ginormous liquor store.
They have practically every type of wine, beer and liquor from all over the globe.
And if they don't have it, they will get it for you, usually without any charge.
I *heart* them.

When you walk in, there's just aisle after aisle jammed with bottles of all shapes and sizes.

Now, if your eyes glaze over from all the shiny bottles (like mine generally do), you can still find your way around.
They have it set-up smartly, it's well lit and nicely labeled.

After wandering aimlessly finding what I wanted, I made my way to the checkout and saw signs all
over that this particular store (the original I might add) would be CLOSING and MOVING.
What you talkin' 'bout Willis????
It seems that "they" want to move further out into a neighboring 'burb that collects substantially higher rents than my slowly withering, dwindling and dying 'burb.
After my initial shock, I was then angered and sad.
I have to sit back and watch ANOTHER well established business pack up, move out and leave behind
ANOTHER empty store front.
It's becoming more and more commonplace in my little 'burb.
We're starting to look more and more like the Big Bad City .... and it's not pretty.
On my way out, I noticed another sign showing where the New & Improved Liquor store will be ... and a small mention that the current building is to become a lumber yard.
Liquor to lumber.
I have mixed feelings.
I'm happy that the building won't stand empty, but very sad that a landmark is picking up stakes and heading to a "classier" new town.

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At 2/16/12, 5:29 PM , Blogger Boxer said...

noooooo, not the liquor store! We're State controlled so our stores are small and very boring. It will all change in June when we finally go private, but that means I'm losing my local one. Ruh-roh. If Mr.Boxer saw this post he'd want you to look for hard to find bourbon. That's how small and boring our stores are.

Cinnamon is very good for you, so I think I want to find some of this spread.

At 2/16/12, 6:08 PM , Anonymous daisyfae said...

AAAAARGH! They can have the drug stores, the nail salons and tanning parlors, but NOT the liquor! Horrors...

i'm a gonna hunt down some of the Biscrips. love that name, too!

At 2/16/12, 7:21 PM , Blogger BlazngScarlet said...

BOXER: State controlled eh? I'd hate that.
It's funny you mention Bourbon.
The last pic I took in the latter half of the bourbon/whiskey aisle.
I really wanted the back wall Of vodka (for you), but it wouldn't all fit.
Lemme know what kind of bourbon ... i'll look for him.
(I love hunting down obscure booze!)

DAISYFAE: EXACTLY! It's inhumane!
And it's not just the booze ... now i'll have to schlep to an ungodly over developed section of the "New 'Burb" just to get my hoity toity foods!

Definitely look for the Cinnamon cookie spread ... it's to die! =)

At 2/16/12, 9:45 PM , Blogger Walker said...

OHHHHHHHHHHHH look at that.
I want to move into the scotch aisle.
Makes me wonder if they gain the business of the burbs wouldn;t they loose the customers they are abandoning?
Liquor to lumber.
That works.
Usually after i have alot of liquor I end up with some hardwood that needs milling.

At 2/17/12, 8:35 AM , Blogger BamaTrav said...

I have a state store down by the house and they are WAYYYYYYY cheaper than a private liquor store. A bottle of Beam can be 10 bucks cheaper at a state store. However I did go in one in Orlando once and that place was friggin huge.


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