July 20, 2012

Haiku Monday: It's getting HOT in here .....

I know that not everyone is feeling the heat, but I sure am.
Yes, my blog is another dimension of hell and I should be used to HOT.
But 100+ for days?
I haven't roasted this bad since my days working in the Easy Bake Oven in Florida!
It was 96 the other day with the humidex making it feel like 113.
I surely do long for Central Air ......

Anywhoodle ..... I think the heat must have gotten to MOI as she choose me as this weeks Haiku Winner.
Can you believe it?!
I'm still stunned.
And thrilled.
And humble.
And nervous.
I hope I can do as good a job hosting and choosing as everyone else has done.

Over the last few months that I have been banging my head against a wall out a 'fresh' Haiku,
I have had more than a few ideas on themes.
When I won my first Haiku Monday, I found out just a few hours before I boarded a plane
for the lush, sandy beaches of Jamaica .... and I was unable to host.
However, the ideas I had have remained stuck in my brain.
I have waged an inner war with myself over the last couple days to choose which theme I wanted to go with.
It was ugly.
Blood was shed.
But in the end, I decided FIERY was the direction I wanted to go.
As with all the themes I've been involved with, there are MANY possibilities .... and I can't WAIT to read y'alls interpretations!

1. 5-7-5 format
2. Enter as many times as you'd like .... but only 2 will be judged.  Just let me know which ones.
3. Visuals, Audio, etc are always accepted!
4. Entries must be in by Monday 12am PST (yes, I am an east coaster, but I will give all my friends on the west coast plenty of time.

Happy Haikuing everyone!


At 7/20/12, 1:08 PM , Blogger Heff said...

chopped up some chillies
rolled them in a tortilla
torched asshole, remorse

At 7/20/12, 3:57 PM , Blogger Walker said...

Its a sauna everywhere.
Hell is vacationing topside this year.
May explain why my basement is so cool

At 7/20/12, 9:33 PM , Blogger Rafael said...


Gots a quickie for ya':

Burn'n lips afire
Flaming heat; viscosity
Kitty's scratch fever

Barring any dancing with the devil, (dude keeps ask'n me to play his damn fiddle...but my name ain't Johnny and I'm more a horn blower than a fiddler), I should be back Monday with another. Lord help me, I should have a proper post, too... with visuals :o

LOVE'N the theme, have a GREAT weekend--


At 7/22/12, 9:16 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

heatwave....poor folks in SD were hotter than Florida this weekend. Go figgere...will be back wif' heatku.

At 7/22/12, 9:52 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Appropriate theme for this summer, Blaze.

Liquid inferno.

Earth’s glowing red heart pours forth,

leaving cold new stone.

Visual at: http://serendipitouswildmoments.wordpress.com/2012/07/22/liquid-inferno/


At 7/22/12, 3:12 PM , Blogger becca said...

congrats on the win and you must have been thinking of me in st Augustine when you thought of this topic because it sure the heck was fiery HOT there yesterday. ok i'm off to wake the muse he has been sleeping long enough be back later with my work. hugs

At 7/22/12, 3:36 PM , Blogger BlazngScarlet said...

Hey y'all! I just returned from a weekend in the country for my cousins' graduation.
I will be back later with proper commentary, but in the meantime, STAY COOL! lol


At 7/22/12, 3:40 PM , Blogger moi said...

Great theme, even if its inspiration isn't. Usually, we cool down starting in July with our afternoon monsoons, but they haven't been much to speak of this year. At any rate, I'll be up sometime soon!

At 7/22/12, 7:27 PM , Blogger becca said...

Here are my two for fun

Fire color hair
temper like a volcano
be very afraid

sweetest taste ever
forbidden nectar of souls
kiss so hot it burned

feel free to stop by to check out the photos to go along with these

At 7/22/12, 9:18 PM , Blogger czar said...

Help me, Chickory!
Some type of output device
For graphics content?

* * *

Red/white checkered cloth--
"Lobster fra diavolo, sir?"
Not de(v)'lish enough.

note: i've only heard "diavolo" pronounced with two syllables

At 7/22/12, 10:04 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is my second. These little fellas' are around here right now.

His fiery gorget
reflects rufus hummingbird’s
pugnacious habits.

Visual at: http://serendipitouswildmoments.wordpress.com/2012/07/22/fiery-feathers/

Goos luck everyone, especially our hostess!


At 7/22/12, 10:05 PM , Blogger BlazngScarlet said...

Heff: Preparation H my friend .... it works well!
Nice Haiku by way. I can 'feel' the burn!

Walker: Love the idea, but your syllables are WAY off! lol :D

Rafa: Nothing like a good quickie every now & then eh?! ;D
Excellent Haiku! Fiery indeed!

Aunty: Heatku ... bwahahahahaha! LOVE IT!
This summer has been insanely hot all over ... but the middle of the country surely is getting hit hard.

Serendipity: Hot, molten and fiery to be sure!
Very visual without the visual! :D

Becca: Oooo ..... I love St. Augustine! So pretty! One of the many things of FL I miss.

Moi: It's just been ridiculous hot. The little bit of rain we have gotten dries up almost as fast as it hits the ground.
My herb garden is now a DRIED herb garden. *sigh*

Becca: As a red-head, I am completely partial to the first one! :D
But the second one .... ohmy ... 'forbidden nectar of souls'.
Burn me up!

At 7/22/12, 10:18 PM , Blogger BlazngScarlet said...

Czar: Mmmmm .... looks dev'lish! Now i'm hungry ....
The first one made me giggle :D

Serendipity: You know what they say 'bout us redheads! ;D
I really like this one; it speaks to me!

At 7/23/12, 8:54 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


If I had had a boy-kid his name would have been Rufous since he would would undoubtedly have been a redhed (redhead X redhead = redhead) and there was a "Rufous" a few generations back in the heritage. Somehow I always feel a kinship to redheads I see, including the little red hummer. Us double recessives are unusual enough to notice, but they run in both families. I had 2 redhaired grandmothers, have a redhaired father (well, white now at 89), 3 redhaired siblings, 2 redhaired nephews, one rufus niece. Then I married a man who was a redhead when born (he got blonder as an adult but has always had flame-colored whiskers), and who has a redhaired sister!


At 7/23/12, 5:20 PM , Blogger Rafael said...

Ok, Blaze, I'm proud to say the Devil, though tempting, got no scratch from me this weekend. I was a good boy, burying my bone only where appropriate. Leaving the Devil to master his own damn self, I had plenty of time to write a couple more haiku and put 'em to visuals.

Fiery Baptism
White heat washes over flesh
Lightens self to rise

Heaven's sweet-fire burns
Different than Hell's fiery depths
Light eclipses dark

You can find visuals and such at: http://ramblingsfrommytyper.blogspot.com/2012/07/haiku-monday-challenge-ardente.html.

May the fire in your hole be forever blessed with stamina--


At 7/23/12, 6:33 PM , Blogger moi said...

I'm up . . .

Taste buds stung, then numb.
Eyes brim, forehead sweats. Yowza!
Pleasure's worth the pain.

At 7/23/12, 8:10 PM , Blogger BlazngScarlet said...

Things sure is heatin' up here in the pits of hell!
Just how I like it!

Serendipity: WOW! That's a whole mess of red heads in one place! In my family, I had 2 aunts and an uncle, one cousin and myself and my one brother who are blessed to be ginger.
My oldest was born with red on 'da head, but it all fell out and he's been blond since.

Rafa: You always put a smile on my face ... especially with your double entendre! lol
Fantastic 'kus my dear!

Moi: YOUCH! I need a cold beer after reading that! My lips are numb and i'm 'glistening' (ladies don't sweat, we glisten! lol)

At 7/23/12, 8:27 PM , Blogger Karl said...

Good evening BlazngScarlet,

I will submit, that will make no sense without the visual. Unfortunately due to scheduling issues, the visual won't be up tonight. However I will try for tomorrow. Judge this one not, it's for entertainment only.

Beneath Neptune's depths
Steel's consumed in fiery scene
Now we're cooking

Y'll are really hot stuff!

At 7/23/12, 9:48 PM , Blogger Rafael said...

Uhm...Blaze, pigs don't sweat either, they glisten (from rolling about in the mud...YUMMY!!!) Just so we're clear...



At 7/23/12, 11:01 PM , Blogger CoreyJo said...

Congrats on your win Blazes!! Excellent theme considering the blistering weather most of us are having here in the U.S. Here's mine.


Luminous moonlight
Ocean waves caress the sand
Bonfire burns fiercely.

Visuals up at Monkeys & Windex.


At 7/24/12, 5:24 AM , Blogger Aunty Belle said...

well drat. (weekend away, then busy monday...sigh.)

But,it wuz a great theme! So... fer fun only (if The Inferno can be "fun") :

Sibilant voices,
silky lies...Imprisoned now
in fiery tongues: Bolgia Eight


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