November 13, 2013

Way back Wednesday

The year was 1986.
I was a senior in High School and it was
PROM NIGHT!!!!!!!!

Yes, that is me in the Princessy/Cinderella gown.
White gloves and all!
Sexy eh?!

Mark, my date for the night, was not my first choice.
No, my first choice decided he didn't want to be "tied down".
One week before prom.
(My life was like a John Hughes movie)
Anyway, Mark, being the sweetheart he was, came in at the last minute and asked me to go with him.
(yeah, I had NO CLUE he had a crush on me. Really)

I figured, why the hell not?
Besides, he had a KILLER car!

If only I knew then what I know now .....
and DAMNIT! Can I have that 17 year old body back??????????

Oh, in case anyone cares, the Billboard Top song from this date was:

Ahhhh .... Patti LaBelle ....

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At 11/13/13, 12:02 PM , Blogger Chef Files said...

Och, gorgeous then, gorgeous now.

At 11/13/13, 7:35 PM , Blogger BlazngScarlet said...

CHEF: Sweet talker!

At 11/14/13, 1:41 PM , Blogger Chef Files said...

Credit where credit is due sweetie.

At 11/15/13, 1:54 PM , Blogger Walker said...

Looking hot and sexy.
If we all knew yesterday what we know today, then where would the fun be learning about the mysteries of life............ that is a nice car though

At 11/15/13, 8:32 PM , Blogger Rafael said...

Me-OWE Me-YUMMY:D (Oh, and you're looking purty good your own damn self)

Just the shades, or did he rock your casbah, as well?

At 11/16/13, 11:31 PM , Blogger BlazngScarlet said...

WALKER: yep ... the car was quite sexy!

RAFA: No one rocked my Casbah that night .... *sigh*

At 11/17/13, 12:12 AM , Anonymous daisyfae said...

Wonderful photo! At least you didn't have that gigantic "soft-serve" hair that was popular then! Looking back, i've realized that it was the guys who watched us from behind their locker doors... the guys who were too terrified to say a word... they are the ones that we should have been paying attention to all those years ago.

Whatever happened to Mark? What about the one that 'didn't want to be tied down"?

At 11/17/13, 12:54 AM , Blogger BlazngScarlet said...

DAISYFAE: I was more of a shave my head and mohawk kind of girl. This was what had grown in after I shaved the entire right side of my head like Cyndi Lauper earlier in the school year.
Yeah, I realize that now too.
I have no idea what happened to Mark. We lost touch after graduation. As for the one who didn't want to be tied down, he went into the marines for awhile, started his own business and is now happily married.

At 11/21/13, 5:02 PM , Blogger Doom said...

I keep looking. We are about the same age. Flashback territory. It's difficult to express... all that goes through my mind.

But it does give me pause to think. That it does.


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