September 19, 2013

Even a blind squirrel finds a NUT(case) every now and then .....

Last week, the lovely Becca over at Everyday Life was the hostess for Haiku Monday.
The theme was LOSS.
It's a subject that i'm sure all of us know just a bit too much about.
I know I do.

Anyway, Becca chose ME as this weeks winner!
Can you believe it?
I know I can't!
I stunned still!
And grateful.

Here is my winning Haiku:

36 years young
Body ravaged by cancer
Child bears witness

It was written in honor of my mother
She's been gone 34 years now.

So, now it's up to me to chose a theme and host this weeks Haiku Monday.

I thought long and hard about what theme I wanted, and I decided upon SEASONS.

Guiding us through time
Spring, summer, autumn, winter
Seasons of our life

Write about your favorite season (s), ALL the seasons, the seasons of life, love, music, bugs, amoebas .... whatever twirls your skirt!
Now, the rules:
5-7-5 format please (although, i'm not THAT much of a stickler!)
If you want to add visuals, video, music, etc. , that would be fantastic!
I don't care how many you enter, but I will only judge 2.
Just let me know which 2 please!  :)
Entries will need to be posted here by Monday at midnight PST.

I can't WAIT to see what y'all come up with!!!!
Happy 'kuing everyone!

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At 9/19/13, 2:01 PM , Blogger becca said...

love this theme off to my thinking chair grabs coffee and chocolate

At 9/19/13, 3:33 PM , Blogger Chef Files said...

Nice wee post hen.

At 9/19/13, 5:28 PM , Blogger Rafael said...

Congrats on your win, Blaze. Still tingling over here!

Here's a little silliness off my top:

Global warming...WHAT?!?!?
Polars don this season's best
G-strings all the rage

Hopefully I'll have you a real one by Monday'ish.


At 9/19/13, 7:28 PM , Blogger Karl said...

Good evening BlazngScarlet,

A fine topic. I will add one to start.

Spring sun starts the shed:)
Summer brings suits of plenty;)
Fall sweats and sweaters:(

At 9/19/13, 10:14 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

A wonderful theme Blaze. Sorry I'll be missing this. Serendipity's excuse for not playing to win this week:

‘Tis the Hunter’s Moon.
Time for hard work; simple needs.
Food, shelter, water.

I am hoping to put some of the original organic meat in the freezer. Elk camp has no Internet service, or mobile phone service, or even electricity. Things get very elemental there, (we are talking tent and wood stove) and one's perspectives can get cleaned up remarkably quickly. Aaaaah!

At 9/20/13, 3:23 AM , Blogger Doom said...

time for all seasons
kiss, kill, plant, harvest, remote
yet every hand feels

At 9/20/13, 10:37 AM , Blogger BlazngScarlet said...

BECCA: Chocolate is ALWAYS inspirational!

CHEF: Thank you darl ...

RAFA: BWAHAHAHAHAHA! G-strings and fur or furry g-strings?!

KARL: Are you sure you're not menopausal?! ;) lol

SERENDIPITY: I fing it very refreshing to get "elemental"! It helps to clear out the junk!
May your hunt be VERY bountiful!

DOOM: Love it!

At 9/20/13, 9:15 PM , Blogger foam said...

Congratulations on your win, Blazng!
I'll see what I can come up with.

At 9/20/13, 11:40 PM , Blogger Doom said...

A few more. I am up!

which of the weathers?
winter was the choice, cold, hard~
spring is now the thing

in our time - cycle
youthful to knowing and strong
wisom in fringes

At 9/22/13, 8:34 PM , Blogger becca said...

here are my entries

to every season
story is told in color
mother natures gift

fireworks explode, BOOM!
touch electric, ignite
love for all seasons

visuals up tomorrow

At 9/23/13, 7:36 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good evening BlazgnScarlet,

Menopausal, no, lamenting the passing of bikini season. From my observation point, I see the best and worst on the bay. 2 more.

Equinox roars in
North West wind and high seas
Surfside solitude

Cold wind and water
Beach deserted the surfs up
Dad and daughter time

Surf'n Karl@ the beach

At 9/23/13, 9:03 PM , Blogger foam said...

Crisp and magical!

A golden season glorified -

Vivaldi's Autumn..

Vibrant fresh green leaves,

Fresh blooms swaying on the breeze -

Sindig's spring rustles!

At 9/23/13, 9:03 PM , Blogger foam said...

I'm up btw..

At 9/23/13, 9:17 PM , Blogger Rafael said...

Bikinis and banana boats
Are truly wondrous things
A summer's trip for peepers
As brazen flesh is shown
But cooler weather has it's treats...
Like hardened areolas
Chilly from the showing
Goosies run along a chest
Writhing from beneath

Anywho, Blaze... here's a couple turtles poking their heads for a swim:

Neither of nor for
Autumn is unto itself
Golden, umber hues

Reaching winter's edge
One foot, two foot... leap of faith
Spring's on other side

No visuals, Darl'n O' MINE...maybe next week's host will be so lucky

Smiles, ever'one--


At 9/23/13, 10:06 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Serendipity still has to drop by, even if not playing..

Fall is timely here.
Frost killed the garden Friday.
Harvest done, now: HUNT!

Ah yes, the harvest moon is followed by the hunting moon. Fall is right on schedule. The high peaks have been white. Snow is predicted for Thursday. Time to drain the irrigation system and button up for winter. It could be here any time.

Our seasons can change abruptly. Two years ago it was 80 degrees the first of October. FOUR days later we had 18 inches of snow in a howling blizzard.

Seasons whipsaw here.
Upcountry there is snow, but
my doorknob scorches!


I also wanted to say how much I appreciated your haunting tribute to your mother. Such a deep loss, so young. So well written...

At 9/24/13, 6:55 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

@ Rafael
A man who lived on the water
At fall he did ponder
As the seasons they change
While sweaters are nice
And headlights entice
A boob flash is so much hotter


At 9/24/13, 8:52 PM , Blogger Rafael said...

There once was a man of the sea
Who spoke of boobage with glee
With thoughts of bikini
He played with his weenie
Bating his swimmers, "BE FREE!"

HaHa!!! (sorry;(...couldn't help ma' damn self...sorta...)

At 9/24/13, 9:20 PM , Anonymous daisyfae said...

very sweet and sad haiku. i do love the photo of your mother...

At 9/24/13, 9:35 PM , Blogger Amanda Geering said...

Hot, Cold, Warm, We See
Colors Changing, Clothing To
New Adventures Await You

Sorry I am so late. I completely forgot! lol

At 9/25/13, 12:18 PM , Blogger BlazngScarlet said...

Hi everyone! I know I posted "RULES" .... but i'm a red-head.
Soo .... RULES BE DAMNED!!!!!
I'll Judge ALL entries!
Don't care how many or what time they were posted.
All I ask is just a wee bit of patience as I will be stuck at my 2nd job for the night and won't be able to do a proper write up till Thursday.

@Rafa & Karl: Put your weenies and headlights away! ;)


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