December 15, 2012

Heavy heart ....

Like a majority of the country, I spent a good portion of last night glued to my television.
I couldn't tear my eyes away form the horrorific scene in Newtown, CT.
I was consumed with sadness and wept off and on for a good deal of the evening.
I squeezed and kissed my own precious babe a little tighter and a whole lot longer.
He's the same age as some of those kids .....

Even after I went to bed, my brain was filled with thoughts of all those sweet innocents.
And the brave women.
And the parents.
And the siblings.
And the spouses/significant others.
And the teachers.
And the Fire, Police and EMS personnel.

I can't wrap my head around it.
Any of it.
I don't think any of us can.
I don't think we ever will.

As I sit here writing this, my Woobie is snuggled up right beside me.
Sound asleep.

I'm weeping again.
For so many reasons ....

My deepest sympathies to the entire town of Newtown, CT.
I hope you find some peace in the days, weeks and months to follow.
I hope we all do ....

20 children
  6 female staff members

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At 12/16/12, 1:20 PM , Blogger becca said...

it was horrible and my heart is broken for those families that lost children and loves ones

At 12/17/12, 11:12 AM , Blogger Walker said...

I will never understand how anyone could purposely do this.
It's terrifying and sad to think of what these families will have to go through for the rest of their lives.

At 12/17/12, 10:43 PM , Anonymous daisyfae said...

it is beyond comprehension...


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